In we know perfectly the importance of having good fellow travelers. We understand business as an opportunity in which all parts make money and feel comfortable working, that’s why we select among the top three categories of partners:

1.- Prescribers:  If you have a website with good number of visitors, if you move well in web forums, in social networks, if you feel that your comments are taken into account by those who read it: Contact us, we can offer you things!

2.- Resellers: If you have a marketing agency and your client’s request an APP, if you belong to an entrepreneurs association, Chamber of Commerce, franchise network or shops and you would like to resell our apps to your customers and make money without investing in technology or employees: Contact us, we can offer you things!

3.- White – label: If you want to go a step further and have our customized technology with your brand and look and feel, offering our services as if they were your own and decide for yourself the final prices for your customer: Contact us, we can offer you things!

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